The epotential website contains a wealth of resources designed to:
  1. assist you to develop your own ICT Professional Learning Plans
  2. assist Principals and Professional Learning Leaders in their whole school ICT/ eLearning planning
  3. assist the department in evaluating initiatives and ensuring appropriate school support

The ePotential site contains the ICT Capabilities Survey. There are 3 versions of this survey
  1. teacher version
  2. special school teacher version
  3. non-teacher version

The ICT Capabilities Survey:
  • provides a result that reflects your ICT knowledge and usage within the constraints of your current work context
  • individual results are confidential
  • data can be used to inform more strategic goal-setting / planning for your future professional learning

In addition to the surveys, the ePotential website also conains:
  • a bank of resources to provide inspiration and support profesional learning in ICT
  • journal tool
  • planning tool
  • an eLearning ICT showcase

Whole school ICT Capabilities data analysis
Use the Excel tool to examine your school's results
Simply paste the percentages .csv file you have downloaded from the reports section of the epotential website onto the designated sheet in the Excel file